Saturday, November 28, 2009

Sporting Boulder

Long before we moved here we knew Boulder had the rep for being a triathletes paradise and an oasis of outdoor activity.

That's no lie.

One of my favorite sights in North Boulder is seeing cyclists one after the other taking Broadway North towards Route 36 which is the gateway to a dozen rides. I mean, you literally can't drive 30 seconds without seeing a roofrack on a car. I used to judge how upscale a town is by how many sushi restaurants it had. Well you can judge how active the population is here by how many cycle shops there are within a 3-mile radius. I count seven! And then they're are the pilates studios, yoga centers, running stores, climbing gyms etc etc etc.

Yes there are overweight people here. Just like there are vegetarians in Texas, the land of lean beef...just not many of them.

Someone told me when I left New York that if I didn't find a career out here I could always coach people in cycling/running/triathlons. I was a bit doubtful. And I was right. Back home I'm pretty good. Here I'm middle of the pack, maybe a little better. It's inspiring in a way...I'm looking forward to all the sports I've come to know plus some of the things I never learned or rarely had time for; snowshoeing, skiing, rock climbing, stand-up paddleboarding....Basically any athletic endeavor you can think of is right here waiting for's an athletic oasis, just as advertised...

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