Sunday, November 22, 2009


If you live in North Boulder, Amante’s is clearly THE meeting place for shoe-gazers, cyclists and people planning to take over the world via computer.

As I type this there are two cycle-dudes chatting up two cycle chicks (loudly I might add) three 20-something kids talking about launching something (I’m not sure what) and six people with computers. Smart business move by the owners, providing free wi-fi. People are in here all the time, slapping computer keys and plotting their next move…wait that’s exactly what I’m doing. So maybe I should make that seven people with computers.

Amante’s is going for the modern, Euro look…lots of clean lines, bright glass behind the counter…and they serve gelato. Nothing says Euro like gelato. I mean they could serve haagen-dazs or baskin-robbins but I guess that’s the point.

The three kids within earshot are talking in low tones about “viral marketing” and “flash flooding” the web…sounds intriguing but for all I know they’re selling diapers on the net. All three have that dirty Boulder look…college kids who look like they need a shower.

Anyways Amante’s is perfectly situated in a big space for a café. Right on Broadway. It’s a natural place for cyclists to stop because it’s maybe ¼ mile from the farthest tip of North Boulder which is the jumping off point for 1,000 rides and 1,000 cyclists. On a beautiful morning chances are if you’re stopping here you’re either wearing a cycling jersey or using a computer and plotting a viral takeover like these kids in front of me. They’ll probably be selling insurance in ten years…but hey, chase your dream, boys….

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