Monday, November 23, 2009

The Jamestown Ride

The Jamestown ride is what I think when I think of the perfect ride on a bike. 8 + miles starting at route 36. Riding through the very front of the rockies. Probably between 3 and 7 % grade the whole way. You’re never really in trouble no how tired you are because the grade never gets steep enough. It’s perfect for repeats. Numerous times I’ve done two and one time I did three. Usually I’ll take it slow the first time then burn it on the second trip.

At the top there’s a hole in the wall café in the center of a town that might be 100 feet long. Cyclists always seem to stop there, it’s like a meeting place where you can recharge and share war stories. Seems like the owners of the café fill Gatorade coolers with water and leave them across the street every day so the cyclists can fill up. It’s a nice little insider thing that you only know from living here. The cafe is a total dive but it serves as the cultural hub of the town. During the day it’s a café. At night it turns into a restaurant and on weekends I think they have music. I guess you have to multi-task when you’re the only game in town.

If you don’t stop at the café you can keep riding up the road but the going gets considerably steeper…did I stress the word “considerably?” Holy mackerel. I’ve done the 3 or 4 miles twice and both times it was full “survival mode.” Granny gear and just keep the pedals turning while the people driving in cars laugh at you. Best advice. Just do repeats up to the café most days. Work on your cardio, see 100 cyclists doing exactly what you are. Wave to them. Have a hot chocolate at the café, love the fact that you live in Boulder and can do this ride as often as you want…and then go home…

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